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Monokini VS Bikini: What’s The Difference

Bikinis and Monokinis both are the best swim dresses for women. They are suitable for all types of women and girls, including plus size women. Still, they have many common factors, they have some differences between them. Before we going to know about the difference between monokini and a bikini, we should know about what is monokini and what is the bikini. So, first let’s get right into these beach outfits.

What Is Monokini?

The monokini is a one piece swimsuit, which has sexy cutouts (mono = single). They are the best and attractive costumes on the beach during the summer. However, monokini was a topless suit for women in the earlier time.

Benefits Of Monokini

We have mentioned some of the benefits of wearing monokinis.

They cover your stomach

Some women and girls don’t like and feel shy to show their stomach. Monokinis will be solving their problem with its one piece design.

Monokinis have sexy cutouts

Even though monokinis are the one piece dresses, they have sexy cutouts. Bikinis also have these types of cutouts. However, some cutouts look iconic in monokini.

What Is Bikini?

The bikini is a two piece swimsuit. According to history.com, women in Europe started wearing bikinis in early the 1930s. However, the American women started wearing bikinis during the world war ii.

Benefits Of Bikini

We have mentioned some of the advantages of bikinis.

Bikinis are so comfortable

During the hot weather, bikinis are really good and suitable for wearing.

Best for summer

There is no doubt. During the summer or going to the beach, many women like to wear bikini because, they are best for summer, fashionable and elegant.

What Are The Differences Between Monokinis And Bikinis?

Here’s the detailed answer about the differences between monokini and bikini.

Many monokinis fully covered stomachBikinis don’t cover the stomach
Monokinis are one piece outfitsBikinis are usually two piece outfits
Monokinis have sexy cutoutsBikinis are available in different styles
Monokinis are not good for many athletic eventsBikinis are suitable for many athletic events
Bikini VS Monokini

Bikini VS Monokini Graph

We have mentioned the Google Trends’ Graph for knowing the search intent of Bikinis and Monokinis all around the world.

Bikini VS Monokini Google Trends Graph
Bikini VS Monokini Google Trends


Monokini, Bikini and bathing suits are almost the same outfits. Every outfit has some of the differences and unique style as we mentioned before. So, select the right outfit for your purpose.


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