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12 Best Plus-size Models in 2023

Many people criticized the fashion industry for promoting narrow beauty standards. But in recent years, it has changed. Plus-size models have played a pivotal role in this transformation.

We celebrate 12 outstanding plus-size models who have broken barriers and captured the hearts of millions with their undeniable talent and beauty.

Top Plus-size Models In The World

1. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a popular curvy model. She has shattered conventional beauty norms and challenged the status quo. Ashley has glorified the covers of major magazines and walked the runways for prestigious fashion houses.

She is a vocal advocate for body diversity. Promoting self-love and acceptance among millions of followers. Do you know, she is known as the ‘Queen of Curves.’

2. Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is an American plus-size model. Her striking appearance and unapologetic attitude have made her a fierce advocate for body positivity. She is also a makeup artist. She has two children named Bowie Juniper Holliday and Rylee Holliday.

3. Precious Lee

Precious Lee is a curvy model, writer, and actress. She has landed her campaigns with top luxury brands. Lee has worked as a model since 2008. She proves that plus-size models can dominate high-fashion runways.

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4. Hunter McGrady

America has many plus-size models. Hunter McGrady is one of them. She started modeling when she was 19. She advocates for body diversity and encourages self-acceptance.

5. Paloma Elsesser

People like Paloma Elsesser for her modeling skills. She was born in 1992 in London. Paloma has worked for IMG Models. She is 1.71 m in height and has black hair.

6. Candice Huffine

Candice was born in the US. She has worked for IMG Models, Vogue, and Glamour. Her work celebrates the beauty of all body types. She married Matt Powers in 2011.

7. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is known for her efforts to encourage body acceptance. She was born in 1986 in Florida. Denise has done modeling since 2014. Her work has helped redefine societal beauty norms.

8. Marquita Pring

Marquita Pring’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. She is a popular model for SI Swimsuit and IMG Models. Marquita has over 100K followers on Instagram.

9. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is an Australian plus-size model. She challenges the industry to embrace diversity in all forms. She has brown hair and blue-green eyes. Robyn won the Model Of The Year award in Full Figured Fashion Week 2013.

10. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is not just a model. She is a passionate body-positive activist. She worked as a contributor before modeling. Furthermore, Iskra is the founder of Saltair.

11. Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao is a model, humanitarian, and writer. She owns the website thephiles.com. Philomena shares her daily life, blogs, and sells her favorite beauty products. She has over 50K followers on Instagram.

12. Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia is a beautiful Brazilian model. Her success has broken down barriers. Moreover, it opened doors for other plus-size models. She shares her daily life and family pictures on Instagram.


These plus-size models have broke beauty stereotypes. Their confidence, grace, and passion for body positivity have inspired millions worldwide.


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