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Why Are Prom Dresses Expensive?

Many girls usually ask why prom dresses cost much more than regular outfits. Prom dresses are expensive for several reasons, including the quality of fabric and craftsmanship, clothing brands, limited availability, and customizations.

In this article, we will discuss them one by one.

Quality Of The Fabric

Prom is a one time event in many women’s lives. So, every woman expects to be fashionable. That’s why many prom dresses are made with great quality fabrics such as chiffon, satin and taffeta which are more expensive than regular fabrics and materials.

Clothing Brands

Sherri Hill, Mac Duggal, Tony Bowls, Jovani and taffeta are some of the popular brands that make the best prom dresses. Price of a prom dress is different from brand to brand. Usually high quality & luxury prom outfits cost more than $200. However, you can find quality prom dresses and evening gowns under $150 in some brands such as Fashion Nova.

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We usually buy prom dresses from stores. But, some dresses are not fit for our body type, and some outfits are not true to size. Don’t worry. Some brands give solutions for it. You can send your own size and body shape to sellers and they will make a Prom dress specially for you. It will cost some more money. This is also one of the reasons why prom outfits are expensive.


Some of the brands are only available in a few countries and regions. If you order a dress from them, they have to ship it for you. So, you need to pay extra money for shipping. You can reduce the cost by checking the availability and shipping options when purchasing a prom dress.

In conclusion, prom dresses can be an expensive investment but it is an investment in a memorable and special occasion in your life. Finally, consider your budget and personal style when purchasing a prom outfit.


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