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Where To Buy Used Prom Dresses?

Prom parties are very exciting and memorable. Many young women really like their college prom and they want to show off their style. Even though buying a brand new prom dress might be costly. Don’t kill your happiness. You have several options to purchase second-hand prom dresses at affordable prices.

In this article, we have listed the 5 best places to purchase awesome pre-owned prom dresses and evening gowns. Moreover, we have additionally mentioned the buying guide for you.

5 Places To Buy Second-hand Prom Outfits

Here are some of the best places to buy used prom outfits.


Postmark is a website which works as an online marketplace. It allows people to buy and sell used outfits such as prom dresses. You can find different styles of prom dresses at an affordable price. So, you are able to buy different size prom dresses and gowns for multiple occasions.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has over 5 billion users around the world. It provides an awesome feature for its users which is Facebook marketplace. There are multiple items listed on it. Anyone can buy and sell their products by using this feature. The only thing you need is a Facebook account.

You can find different styles of new and used products which also contain fashion accessories such as prom outfits, casual outfits and jewellery. They provide the contact information for each product. It will make the buying process easy and safe.



eBay is one of the popular e-commerce platforms in the world like Amazon and Walmart. You might already be familiar with ebay via buying any household items and electronic gadgets.

eBay also allows sellers to sell various second-hand items. Clothing and accessories are also included.


ThredUp is an online store that sells second hand dresses and accessories. You can get 50% off during the festival. They feature the filter option which has brand, price, size, dress type and color. Moreover, it had the Prom Shop option. It would be very helpful for you.


Tradesy is a popular second-hand marketplace which sells pre-owned luxury fashion accessories such as luxury outfits, jewellery and handbags. Furthermore, they sell everyday and party outfits, including suits, prom outfits, formal wear and cocktail dresses. Tradesy gives a well explained description for each product and their shipping options are liked by many customers.

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Buying Guide

You have to consider some factors before buying a second-hand prom outfit.

Size & Color

Every woman doesn’t have the same body size. So, you need to consider your size. Fortunately, you can check the size of the dresses on the marketplaces we mentioned above. The color of a prom dress is also important because some colors may ruin your style.

Condition Of The Dress

You can find the condition of a dress via checking the product description and the photos. Paying too much money for an old dress is not the best idea. By the way, some sellers feature the option to contact them.

Return Policy

Check does the seller feature a return option because some of the sellers don’t give this option. So, don’t mess up after buying an outfit.


Most of the sellers, who sell second-hand products usually sell one piece of an item. So, finding reviews for these outfits is a little bit hard. However you can check the sellers other product reviews or their ratings on the marketplace.

Shipping Policy

Shipping period is different for each marketplace and seller. It depends on many things, including their location. However, within one month is a good shipping period.


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