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What To Wear Over A Cocktail Dress

Cocktail parties are usually hosted in the evening. Women and men wear formal outfits or party outfits to this party. Do you know how to improve your style with cocktail outfits and what are the best outfits to wear over the cocktail outfit.

We have listed some of the best clothing accessories to wear over the cocktail outfit for women.

Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket is a good fashion accessory for winter because, it is made with goose feathers and it will keep you warm. Puffer jackets look so attractive and give the luxury look. Moreover, Puffer jackets are obtainable in different sizes and lengths. The midi jacket is better than other jackets for cocktail attire.


Blazers are the great choice for formal events and semi formal occasions such as prom and cocktail parties. So, when you attend a formal event, you can wear a blazer over the cocktail dress. However, some blazers are not suitable for all cocktail outfits. Try the blazer with your dress. If you like it, keep it otherwise, try it with another dress.


Before buying a vest for cocktail attire, you need to consider its quality and if it’s fit with the dress. There are different kinds of vests available to purchase. Moreover, I like to wear vests for cocktail attire personally.


The Shawl is a famous Indian clothing, however, it is liked by many women across the world. It will easily match with any outfit, including evening party outfits. Many popular online stores sell the best shawls for women and girls, including Amazon and Etsy.

Things to avoid in Cocktail Attire

These are some of the fashion accessories and things you should avoid when going to a cocktail party.

Flat heel

Flat heels are not the best option for cocktail attire. Try high heels instead of the flat one. They are more stylish and professional for parties.

Denim jeans

Denim jeans are not bad. They are best for casual and daily wear. Still, it is an inappropriate outfit for cocktail parties and formal events.

Overdoing makeup

Wearing makeup is good for women. But, overdoing it will affect your beauty at the same it causes skin problems. So, maintain a limit is good. Not only makeup, but also avoids wearing fashion accessories too much when attending a party.

Classy Cocktail Dresses


What is appropriate for cocktail attire?

Blazers, Pantsuits, Shawl, Puffer Jacket, Wraps and Coats are appropriate for cocktail parties.


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