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Linen Fabric: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Linen Fabric?

Linen is a fabric like cotton and polyester, but, linen is made from the flax plant. Linen outfits are so popular because, it is made with the sustainable material and these dresses are give long-lasting use than many other fabrics.

What Color Is Linen?

You can see the linen clothes in a variety of colors. However, Linen is naturally a brownish gray color (#E9DCC9) fabric. In fashion industry, they use dyes to make linen costumes in multiple colors.

Linen Fabric
Linen Fabric Sample

Types Of Linen Fabric

Here are some of the types of linen fabric.

Plain Woven Linen

It is the most common type of linen material. Plain woven fabric is used to make many reusable products, including napkins.

Toweling Linen

It is called as toweling linen because, most of the towels and bed sheets are made with linen fabric.

Venice Linen

Venice linen is just like toweling linen, which helps to create table clothes and pillow covers.

Which Linen is best?

We have mentioned some of the different types of linen fabric. By the way, Do you know which is the best linen fabric? According to many fashion experts, Irish linen and Belgian linen are the best linen fabrics.

Benefits Of Linen Fabric

These are the advantages of wearing linen fabric outfits.

Linen is a durable and breathable material

According to many tailors and fashion designers, Linen fabric clothes give a long-lasting performance than cotton clothes. Linen clothes are suitable for all seasons because, it’s also a breathable fabric.

Good for environment

Linen clothes are made with renewable source. So, it is good for our environment. You can reduce the carbon footprint print and save the environment via wearing linen outfits.

Disadvantages Of Linen Fabric

Everything in the world is not 100% perfect. Linen is not the exception. Here’s the downside of linen.

Difficult to iron

You can iron linen outfits. But, it is a difficult task to do. Because, you need to choose the right temperature and iron it carefully. That’s why many people said that you can’t be ironed linen clothes.

Linen Wearing Guide

You can know some valuable tips about how to wear linen outfits for men from the video mentioned below.

Linen Wearing Guide For Men

Bonus: Here’s the 10 ways to style your linen pants if you are a woman or girl.

How To Style Linen Pants


Can linen be washed?

Most of the linen clothes can be washed, but some of them can’t. So, check the instructions from the seller before washing them.

Does linen shrink when washed?

Yes. Linen will shrink after the wash. However, you can avoid it.


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