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Brighten Up Your Wardrobe: Tips for Wearing Bright Colors

Bright colors are usually worth wearing and they give you an exciting feeling. These outfits help to express yourself. However, if you are not choosing them right, they will become your enemy.

In this article, we will discuss how to look fashionable in bright colors by following some easy tips.

5 Things You Need To Follow When Wearing Bright Colors

Here are the 5 rules of wearing bright color outfits which will take your dressing style to the next level.

Introduce Bright Colors

If you have not already started wearing bright colored outfits, introduce bright colors into your wardrobe. Don’t panic to try new styles. Everything starts with small things. First, you can buy small accessories such as caps and scarves in bright colors.

Choose Lightweight Fabric

Beauty of a dress depends on many factors, including its fabric. According to many fashion designers, lightweight fabrics go well with bright color outfits. Some of the lightweight fabrics are cotton, linen, chiffon and silk.

Offset The Intensity Of Bright Colors

When wearing bright colors, you have to balance out the brightness with neutral colors because it would help create a cohesive and polished look. Black, Navy Blue, White and Gray are some of the commonly used neutral colors. However, it depends on what color outfit you wear. For example, you can wear a bright pink dress with a navy blue blazer.

Choose The Event

There is no doubt that bright colors look attractive. Even so, it will be inappropriate for some events. Some of the formal events don’t consider bright outfits as appropriate. So, when you wear bright colors you also have to consider the occasion.

Keep your dress simple

Some women wear bright dresses with more patterns and designs. It doesn’t make sense. Moreover, some outfits are not suitable for all skin tones. Always keeping your dress simple is a good idea.


Can I mix different bright colors together?

Definitely. You can mix different bright colors together. Follow the neutral colors which are mentioned in the 3rd tip.

How do I wear bright colors to a formal event?

Wearing some bright colors such as deep burgundy, navy blue and emerald green are okay in many formal occasions.


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