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Prom Dress Necklines: Which One is Right for You?

It’s not a miracle that outfits have different types of necklines. Prom dresses are not an exception. Choosing the perfect neckline is a main thing when choosing a good prom dress. Did you know which types of necklines are best and good for your body shape?

In this article, we will discuss the best necklines which are used in prom outfits, their benefits and suitable body types for each neckline.

6 Neckline Options for the Perfect Prom Dress

These are the best necklines that make a perfect prom dress.


V-neck is suitable for all body types. That’s why it is used in many outfits for women and men. Many prom dresses also come in v-necklines. It is so comfortable, flattering, versatile and finally it is commonly worn in many formal occasions.

Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart neckline looks like half of a heart shape. It looks beautiful and fashionable. You can select these types of prom dresses or party dresses when going with your partner. It is also a good choice for valentine’s day.

Halter Neckline

Many celebrities have worn halter neck gowns and luxury dresses for red-carpet. It gives support for your dress and looks strapless however, strapless neck and halter neck are not the same. Halter neckline dresses look stylish and they are really amazing for hourglass body shape women.

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High Neck

High neckline covers your neck fully looks a round shape. However, you can find multiple different designs of high necklines and they are made with different types of fabric. High necklines are good for winter. By the way, it is also called turtleneck.

One-shoulder Neck

We don’t need to explain what a one-shoulder neckline is because the definition is in the name of the neckline. Yes, it has one shoulder strap. Some prom dresses come with a one-shoulder neck. Some prom occasions don’t allow one-shoulder neckline dresses. So, check your prom dress code before trying it.

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Strapless Neck

Now, we have come to the last option which is a strapless neck. They help you to look glamorous and attractive, and they reveal your arms and shoulders. So, usually it is not appropriate in high school prom.

These six necklines are commonly used in prom dresses. However, there are various types of necklines available and they can be used in prom outfits.


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