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Top 10 Most Beautiful Brazilian Actresses 2023

Many Brazilian actresses are famous in the world. They also have played leading roles in Hollywood and other cinema industry. So, we have listed some of the best & hottest Brazilian actresses.

Top 10 Hottest Brazilian Actresses

1. Marina Ruy Barbosa

Most Famous Brazilian Actress
©️ Marina Ruy Barbosa

Beautiful Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa was born on June 30, 1995. She has played roles in Todas as Canções de Amor, Amorteamo – O Filme, and Sequestro Relâmpago. Marina won many awards, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.


2. Bruna Marquezine

Sexiest and Hottest Brazilian Actress
©️ Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine (Bruna Reis Maia) is one of the hottest Brazilian actresses. She started her career as a children’s interviewer in 2000. Bruna appeared in many movies, including Blue Beetle, O Mistério de Feiurinha, Xuxa e o Tesouro da Cidade Perdida, and Xuxa Abracadabra.

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3. Adriana Lima

Top 10 Beautiful Brazilian Actresses
©️ Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a famous Brazilian model and actress. Adriana won the Ford Supermodel of Brazil at age 15. She walked for Victoria’s Secret. Moreover, Adriana played a cameo role in Ocean’s 8. Adriana Lima married Marko Jarić in 2009. However, they divorced in 2016.


4. Klara Castanho

Brazilian Beautiful, Famous & Sexy Actresses
©️ Klara Castanho

Klara Castanho is one of the youngest Brazilian actresses. She is the daughter of Karla Castanho and Cláudio Castanho. Klara acted in Supporting roles in Revelação and Mothern. And she played leading roles in Amor Eterno Amor, Viver a Vida, É Fada! and Morde & Assopra.

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5. Manu Gavassi

The Most Gorgeous Actresses From Brazil
©️ Manu Gavassi

Manu Gavassi is a Brazilian singer and actress. She was born on January 4, 1993. Manu played in Socorro, Virei Uma Garota!, NoCapricho: O Filme and Me Sinto Bem Com Você. Furthermore, she published the book Olá, Caderno! in 2017. Manu Gavassi has won many awards.


6. Agatha Moreira

The Greatest Brazilian Actresses
©️ Agatha Moreira

Brazilian actress Agatha Moreira started her acting career in 2012. She has over 6 million followers on Instagram. However, she has worked as a model since 2006. Agatha won Best Young Actress in Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro.

7. Camila Queiroz

10 Brilliant Brazilian Actresses
©️ Camila Queiroz

Camila Queiroz is one of the most beautiful women in Brazil. She has worked as a model since 2007 and as an actress since 2015. Camila married Klebber Toledo in 2018. Many fans liked her movies Êta Mundo Bom!, Verdades Secretas, Verão 90, and Rock Story.


8. Paolla Oliveira

Top 10 Hottest Brazilian Actresses
©️ Paolla Oliveira

Forty-one years old actress Paolla Oliveira started her career in 1999. Paolla graduated in physiotherapy at Cruzeiro do Sul University. However, she started modeling in 1998 at the age of 16. She played in many movies, including Os Amadores, Faça Sua História, Casos e Acasos, and Belíssima.

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9. Grazi Massafera

Famous Female Brazilian Actors
©️ Grazi Massafera

Grazi Massafera first acted in Didi, the Treasure Raider. She won numerous awards, including Best Female Revelation, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress. By the way, Grazi won the Miss Paraná Beauty pageant contest in 2004.

10. Alessandra Ambrosio

Model Brazilian Actress
©️ Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most famous models in the world. She walked for Victoria’s Secret. She posed with Cristiano Ronaldo for the GQ Magazine’s photoshoot. Alessandra played a role in Daddy’s Home 2. Her beautiful look and style prove she is one of the hottest women on Earth.


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