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10 Best Japanese Models Of 2022

Models usually promote clothings, fashion accessories and beauty products. There are different types of models available in the world such as bikini models, beauty models and clothing models. Bikini models specially promote bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear. Beauty models promote beauty products. Japanese models are cute and attractive. We have listed the model girls, including swimsuit influencers (bikini models) and beauty models from Japan in this article.

Who Are The Best Japanese Models?

Here’s the best Japanese models who look like angels.

Rire Hamano (Riregram)

credit: @Riregram

Rire Hamano also known as Riregram is a popular Japanese model, actress and singer who usually is active on Instagram. She is a member of the music group Ebisu Muscats. Rire posts her mind blowing pictures on Instagram and easily gets people’s attention. The photos are reflecting her daily activities and her lifestyle. By the way, she has over 1.1 million followers on Insta. Her bikini photos are epic and she is one of the best bikini models in Japan. Apart from IG, she has an account on YouTube.

Kanae Watanabe

credit: @watanabekanae

Kanae Watanabe is a dancer, DJ and a cute model. She was born on April 17, 1988 in Osaka, Japan. Kanae has also participated in the Cyber Japan’s dancing group. Kanae Watanabe usually likes to travel, swim and read books. You can find her on Instagram and many of her photos are with bikinis and swimsuits.

Kazue Watanabe

credit: @watanabekazue

You can easily find it with her name, Kazue Watanabe definitely would be the sister of Kanae Watanabe. Yes, it is. Kazue Watanabe is also a cute and pretty Japanese model and one of the Cyber Japan’s dancers. Kazue and her sister Kanae have performed many shows and have taken many pictures together.

CJD Junon

credit: @cjd_junon

I think Cyber Japan’s dancers rule the modeling industry in Japan. Because, CJD Junon is also a member of the CyberJapan’s Group. She looks so glamorous in the bikini and party outfits. Over 400 thousand people follow her on Insta.


Mariya Nagao

credit: @mariyagi_san

Mariya Nagao is a popular Japanese model, who mainly models for swimsuit brands. She was born on March 10, 1994. Mariya has participated in many TV shows such as Perfect Crime, Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, Build New World: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, etc. Moreover, she was a former member of the Japanese Idol Girls Group. If you want to find more about the bikini model, check her on Instagram @mariyagi_san.

Wachi Minami

Wachi Minami - Japanese Bikini Model
credit: @wacchime

Nowadays, Wachi Minami posts her daily activities, such as playing golf, eating and traveling on social media. We have attached the life moments of Wachi Minami via a YouTube video.

Mina Shirakawa

credit: @mina_shir akawa

Mina Shirakawa is a Japanese bikini model and wrestler. She was born on December 26, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan.

Maria Usa

Maria Usa - Japanese Bikini Model
credit: @usa_maria

Maria Usa is a plus size model and bikini influencer who was born on March 20, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. According to peoplepill.com, she loves dogs. Maria’s zodiac sign is pisces.


Lory is a social media personality and an influencer who likes to dance, surf, travel and enjoy the free time at the beach. Check her social media to find her awesome photos.


credit: @myunghae.k314

Myunghae is a Japanese fitness model who looks so gorgeous. We can find out about these via her Instagram photos.


This is the summary of the best bikini models in a view. We listed the models’ names and their social media accounts. So, you can easily find them.

Rire Hamano@Riregram
Kanae Watanabe@watanabekanae
Kazue Watanabe@watanabekazue
CJD Junon@cjd_junon
Mariya Nagao@mariyagi_san
Wachi Minami@wacchime
Mina Shirakawa@mina_shirakawa
Maria Usa@usa_maria


Who is the best Japanese model?

Rire Hamano is the most popular model and the best bikini model in Japan.


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