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How To Apply & Remove Nail Sticker

Nail stickers are cute, fashionable and they make nails beautiful. Moreover, nail stickers make the manicure process more easy and anyone can apply it at your home. So, it will save your money. Still, many girls don’t use nail stickers because they don’t know how to use nail stickers.

We have mentioned how to apply and remove nail stickers at your home in this article.

How To Apply Nail Stickers

You need to follow these steps to put on nail stickers correctly.

First, clean your nails properly

First thing you need to clean your nails before applying nail stickers. If you already have nail polish, first remove that. By the way, you can use nail polish removers or sanitizer for it.

Select your favorite nail sticker

There are different varieties of nail stickers available to try. Choose one of the beautiful designs among them.

Peel the nail sticker carefully

Some nail stickers are easily torn at the same time some of them don’t peel easily. So, while peeling them, you need to be careful.

Apply the stickers on your nails

After peeling the stickers, you need to apply them on your nails quickly. Because, they easily lose their sticky form in the air. The important thing is your nail doesn’t contain any dust. After following these things, apply the stickers at the correct position of your nails. Some designs are easy and some designs are difficult.

Optional: Add top coat and dry your nails

Finally, you can add top coat nail polish. It will give a glowing look. However, many nail stickers are already glowing. So, you need to follow this step. If you use the top coat. Dry your nails naturally or with the help of nail dryers. Choosing the low-heat mode is good.

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How to apply nail stickers

How To Remove Nail Stickers

The usual method

Removing nail stickers is usually an easy task. You can easily peel them off with your hands. However, some of the nail stickers don’t remove easily. So, what do you do to remove stubborn (unremovable) nail stickers? We have the solutions.

Use hot water to remove nail stickers

Hot water can also help to remove nail stickers and nail wraps. Because, hot water reduces the sticky form of nail stickers. So, you can remove them without any pain. Before using hot water, consider this point. Use hot water at 40-45°C. If you use 100°C, it may affect your nail cuticles.

Use acetone to remove nail stickers

Acetone can remove nail stickers and nail polishes as fast as possible. First, you need some acetone and a beauty blender or a sponge. Take some acetone by the sponge and apply it on your nail stickers. After two or three minutes, remove the nail stickers. Now, this process will be easy. Don’t use acetone too much because acetone can irritate your skin.

Use vinegar to remove nail stickers

Many women asked us how do you get nail stickers off without acetone? Vinegar is one of the solutions. Vinegar is usually used by many makeup artists and nail artists to remove facials, nail polishes and nail stickers. The process of removing is the same as removing with acetone. You use vinegar instead of using acetone. That’s all.

7 ways to remove nail stickers


Does applying nail stickers damage your nails?

The advantage is applying nail stickers doesn’t affect or damage your nails. It is accepted by many beauty experts.


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