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How To Apply & Remove Gel Polish

How To Apply Gel Polish?

Many of our readers asked us if applying gel nail polish is easy to do and how to easily apply gel polish? Here are the steps to apply gel nail polish.

Step 1: Clean your nails

The first thing is you need to clean your nails. Using a nail file is a great idea. Moreover, clean your nails with sponge or cotton balls.

Step 2: Apply the gel base coat

Basecoat is a necessary thing in manicures because it contains protein & vitamins and it prevents your natural fingernails. So, avoiding a base coat may affect your nails. After adding the basecoat, dry your nails for 5 minutes.

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Step 3: Apply the color code

This step helps to beautify your nails. You can choose any of your favorite colors. Most of the girls like to wear pink, red and Light purple colors. You also need to dry this coat for 5-10 minutes. By the way, the difficult task is applying the color only to your nails. If you apply it on your fingers mistakenly, remove them before drying.

Step 4: Apply the top coat

Top coat usually helps to give the polishing look for your manicure. Gel coats are better than normal top coats.

Step 5: Apply the cuticle oil

Cuticle oil makes your skin hydrated and gives a beautiful look. This is an optional step. However, following this gives you the best results.

How To Apply Gel Nail Polish

How To Remove Gel Polish?

Removing gel polishes is a little bit harder than regular nail polishes. Many girls usually remove nail polishes with orange sticks. But, the problem with orange sticks is it may affect your nails and cuticles. So, using orange sticks is not an effective way to remove gel nail polishes.

We have mentioned some of the effective ways to remove gel polish without affecting your nails. You can try any of them.

Remove gel polish with acetone

Acetone is one of the best and effective methods to remove gel polishes from your nails.

Things You Need

  • Acetone
  • Nail groomer
  • Cotton balls or sponge
  • Aluminum foil

Here’s the steps to how to remove gel polish using acetone

  • First, take some acetone into a bowl.
  • Then, take some small cotton ball pieces and drown them into acetone.
  • Next, place the cotton balls on your nails and cover them with aluminum foil pieces.
  • After 6-10 minutes, remove the aluminum foil. Now, you can easily remove gel polish.
  • Use a nail groomer to remove polish. (Just push off nail polish with it carefully)
  • Finally, clean your hands with water.

Note: We use aluminum foil because aluminum will react with acetone and simplify the removal process.

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Remove gel polish without acetone

Some girls don’t like to use acetone. But, they believe there is an alternative way available to remove gel nail polish. Yes we have an alternative way to remove it. At the same time, some of them try to remove gel polish with non-acetone nail polish removers. They are good for normal nails but not effective for gel nails. So, what is a way to remove gel nails?

Using hot water and file nails is a good idea. Here’s the steps to execute it.

  • First, take a bowl of hot water and put your nails into it.
  • Then, use a nail file to remove your nail polish. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails while doing this process.

It is not comparable with using acetone. So, you need to repeat the process again and again. But, it is not a whole hour.

How To Remove Gel Polish


Is applying and removing gel polish safe?

Applying and removing gel polish is an easy and safe process when you follow the steps correctly.


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